7.0 IMDb
25 Jan 2018 Release
Genres:Drama, History, Romance
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Far 1303 year. The ruled is the wise and hard sultan Alauddin Chirgi. The treasury is full, but this is not enough for the ruler. He needs money to equip a large army, because Mongolian invaders constantly make raids. Alauddin introduces additional taxes for his subjects. Prince Mevare, Ravan Singh refuses to pay. As described in the movie "Padmaavat", Chirgi is angry. He is at the head of a strong army to punish the obstinate prince. The army of the Sultan besieged the capital Mevare - the fortress of Chitttorgarh.

It's extremely difficult to take a well-fortified point. However, the defenders' forces are melting. Ravan is ready to capitulate. At this time, Alauddin heard about the youngest wife of the prince, the beautiful Padavati. A young woman suffered a lot from her older rival, Nagmati. However, she loves her husband and does not want to leave his harem. Singh is forced to accept Chirgi's demand. So Padavati became the concubine of the Sultan. Alauddin fell in love with this woman. The sultan himself has a complicated relationship with his first wife Merunosa. When Padavati's ex-husband, Ravan, is in prison, she decides to release him at any cost.

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