American Hustle

7.2 IMDb
12 Dec 2013 Release
$ 40 000 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Drama

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Irving Rosenfeld is a professional swindler, earning a living by selling original paintings of famous artists. Together with his partner and the mistress of Cindy, he scrolled more than one scam, but over time it became increasingly difficult to work. When things went badly for the couple, they had to agree to cooperate with the FBI, which investigated the case of corrupt policies and corruption in the highest echelons of power. With the help of Ritchie Dimazo, scammers are being introduced into a major criminal grouping under the guise of intermediaries. Their main goal is the Mayor of New Jersey, Carmine Polito, whom they have to be convicted of criminal activities. However, this will be very difficult...

The roles of the scammers were brilliantly played by Christian Bale and Amy Adams, and in other roles Bradley Cooper, Jennifer Lawrence, Jeremy Renner and Robert De Niro performed excellently as well, which raises the movie "American Hustle" to the rank of those paintings that you can watch online on several times.

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