The Ritual

6.3 IMDb
8 Sep 2017 Release
18 Votes

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Before us is a solid mystical thriller with a claim to horror, which will pleasantly surprise viewers with a high-quality acting game, a competent script, extraordinarily beautiful landscapes and an eerie monster. But first things first. Six months ago, Luke and Rob - two former classmates - went to the store. There the guys witnessed the robbery. Luke managed to hide from the criminals, and Rob was much less fortunate - the scum beat him to death. But the main events take place in a completely different place - in the north of Sweden, in Sarek Park, where Luke, along with three other classmates, goes hiking. Previously, they annually passed this route together and now they want to honor the memory of the deceased friend. Initially, the heroes were going to walk the familiar road, but soon after the start of the journey, the House injured his knee. In order not to climb the mountains, the guys have to look for another way and they decide to go through the forest. And then immediately begin the oddities. Going into the woods, the heroes of the film “Ritual” find a deer hanging among the trees, which was recently refreshed. For some reason, a terrible spectacle does not frighten friends, to their misfortune they go further.  Enjoy watching The Ritual online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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