The Dead Don't Die

6.0 IMDb
Genres:Comedy, Fantasy, Horror
Countries:Sweden, USA
12 Votes

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Enjoy watching The Dead Don't Die online in HD quality for free and without registration. What to do when the zombie apocalypse comes? The heroes of the movie "The Dead Do Not Die" have no clue about this, since they are just ordinary policemen from a small town. But since they have to protect the citizens, they don’t have to choose - the gallant trio (and why there are more than three cops in a small town) get to work. And it's good that they are helped by the lady from the funeral home, which, it turns out, has a great samurai blade. The old sheriff and his two young assistants eventually master the hard science of killing the living dead - they must go back to their graves. And although it turns out to be much more complicated than it seemed at first glance, and even the dead often just want to return to their normal lives, the struggle for survival is a struggle for survival. Can a zombie apocalypse be funny? Yes, if you treat him with humor. And sometimes such an attitude is generally the only way not only to survive the body, but also to preserve (more or less) the clarity of mind in the new world. 

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