The Drop

7.1 IMDb
$ 12 600 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Drama
14 Votes

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“The Drop” film tells about the complex scheme of transferring money from one hand to another throughout Brooklyn. Everything is perfect in it: couriers appear and disappear, and no one can know the whole route to the end. Small bars with their regulars play a significant role in this cycle. Officially, power guys may own them, even the name on the sign will indicate the legal owner, but in reality almost any institution in the area belongs to criminal authorities who use them as a depository for recently collected money. It is practically never known in advance which bar will become common on a particular night. Bob Sabinowski works as a bartender in one of these places, he would be happy to stay away from all this, but he doesn’t come out. The situation is complicated when two robbers carry away more than five thousand dollars from the bar. Bosses need to find money, others are starting to darken, and the police are digging for illegal business. Bob is caught up in a cool spot where absolutely any participant can substitute. 
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