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Genres:Crime, Horror, Thriller
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Modern technologists are increasingly entering everyday life. This is especially true of advanced gadgets, which include the latest smartphones. There are lots of various applications. All of them make a person's life more comfortable. Only people often forget about caution, not realizing that criminals and even maniacs may be around. As described in the movie "Bombila", beautiful blonde Stephanie whileured the time at the bar. Next to her was a charming young man who behaved somewhat closed. They met. The guy explained that he had recently buried his wife, so he feels somewhat depressed. Stephanie liked him and she invited him to her house. To do this, she used a special mobile application. A few minutes later the car stopped near the bar. The driver Karel on the Internet received everything necessary for the trip - addresses and even payment. The car quickly delivered a couple to the specified address. Karel gave his business card to a new friend. It all started beautifully, the young people completely undressed, poured red wine into glasses, and then something terrible happened. The guy was a maniac, he brutally killed Stephanie. Going out on the street, the monster again called the "bomb" and dealt with it. Then the maniac himself got behind the wheel of this car and started driving calls. The list of victims began to grow rapidly.  Enjoy watching Ryde online in HD quality for free and without registration.
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