Dolphin Kick

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After he raised a widower father. The boy went to the Bahamas, where in the coastal waters of tropical islands there is a friendly dolphin Echo. Together with Luke and his new comrade is spent all the time. When a new friend begins to face serious danger in order to save the Echo. The plot of the film is devoted to the touching friendship between a child and an animal - the idea is not new, but still causes a lively response from the viewer. Luke's attachment to a new friend turned out to be strong enough to save the boy from the fear of water caused by the loss of his mother. Judging by the opinions of the audience, the film, when viewed, evokes certain associations with the family film Saving Willie (1993). My friend Dolphin Echo is an adventure family film with vibrant graphics, filmed in the midst of lush tropical nature. A good and touching movie is designed primarily for an younger audience, which definitely will enjoy the fun fun of Echo and Luke. But it will also be interesting for an adult viewer to appreciate the tricks of the dolphin “actor” and the beautiful underwater world of the Bahamas.  Enjoy watching Dolphin Kick online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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