The Queen's Corgi

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Genres:Animation, Comedy, Family
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Can a pet be spoiled? Of course, yes, if he lives not somewhere, but in Buckingham Palace. It is in this place that the main character lives - the royal corgi, who became the favorite of the British queen, while still a puppy. Exploring the castle in the company of other four-legged pets, the kid constantly made a fuss, forcing numerous servants to chase him. The favor of the majestic hostess spoiled the fluffy mischievous man, whose hooligan tricks were always forgiven. But once the well-fed and measured life in the palace ended. Difficulties in the life of Rex appear at the moment when he unwittingly becomes a party to political intrigues, familiar to the queen, but not familiar to the court dog. Fleeing from persecution, the dog leaves the palace. Once outside the monastery, the corgi is faced with a completely different life, in which no one tries to indulge all his whims. Hero awaits many dangerous adventures. Only having coped with all the difficulties that arise, Rex will be able to return home. But the more time he spends on the streets of London, the more imbued with free life.  Enjoy watching The Queen's Corgi online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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