4.3 IMDb
$ 20 000 000 Budget

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Young and fast car, Willy has already gained fame as a street racing champion and can outrun any professional street racing player with a breeze. He is waiting for a dizzying career and a crowd of enthusiastic fans. But one day everything changes. Willy gets into a ridiculous accident and almost dies. The hero does not forget about the racer’s career, but he is well aware that now it will be difficult for him to fight for the champion title. Long trying to find a use in life, in the end, Willie becomes a regular taxi. Sometimes he withdraws his soul, competing with city cars, but mostly sad, because the real race is still in the past. One day, having met Bella with an irresistible Italian car, the hero falls in love with her. Willie's life is again painted with bright colors, because now there is love in it. But there are also problems: Bella is abducted by her insistent suitor, an eighteen-wheel-heeled big truck. To achieve reciprocity of the beloved, the hero decides to return to professional competitions and become the best rider in the world.  Enjoy watching Wheely online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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