6.2 IMDb
$ 15 000 000 Budget
Genres:Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Thriller
Countries:Canada, USA, Spain, South Korea
16 Votes

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Gloria has certain problems with alcohol that negatively affect her life. A couple of weeks ago, she met a guy named Tim and worked in the editorial office of a prestigious magazine. But as soon as the girl went too far with the drink, she lost all of it. To top it off, she lost her apartment - the heroine was expelled for another drunken brawl. Now Gloria is forced to leave New York, where she has no good friends, no connections. Having no other options, the heroine goes to her hometown. There she meets an old friend Oscar, who owns a small bar. The guy seems to be pretty sweet to her, they are going to have a romance. On this positive note, the drama could have ended with a happy ending. But we are watching a fantastic blockbuster! When young people begin to converge, it turns out that something inexplicable is happening in South Korea. An enormous monster wanders around Seoul and destroys everything that comes its way. It would seem exactly how this concerns Gloria and Oscar? It's simple: during the next viewing of the news, the girl notices that the monster copies her movements. This seems to her a stupid coincidence, but repeats itself again. Soon, doubts disappear. Incredibly, but Gloria is associated with a monster! And now she needs to find a way to stop the destruction. Enjoy watching Colossal online in HD quality for free and without registration.
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