6.1 IMDb
Genres:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
Countries:Ireland, USA
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The plot of the American-Irish drama thriller tells the story of a young lady, whose name is Francis. She misses her deceased mother very much, and in order to change the situation, she moves into someone else's Manhattan. Once, in the subway car, the main character catches the eye of a forgotten woman bag lying on the seat. Curiosity takes over, and she takes the accessory with her, later finding inside the business card, and deciding to return the lost owner. Searches lead her to a mysterious, lonely widow and mistress of a purse named Greta. Wanting to thank the girl, the lady hospitably invites the stranger to her home for a cup of tea. After talking with a new acquaintance, Francis learns that an elderly lady lives alone, not accepting guests for a long time. A kind girl gets sympathy for her, more and more often communicating with her newfound friend and becoming attached to her. One day, spending joint leisure, she stumbles upon a shocking find. It turns out she has a whole locker of such bags and she leaves them all over the city. The film hero understands that a woman is not as harmless and friendly as it might seem at first glance. Frightened girl tries to cut off all ties with Greta, but it is not so easy, because the poor thing already hooked. The film In the arms of a lie 2019 watch is in good quality for free. Enjoy watching! 

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