Office Uprising

6.3 IMDb
$ 2 500 000 Budget
Genres:Action, Comedy, Horror
12 Votes

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Sometimes irresponsibility can save from the most unpleasant consequences. How nice that there are dolts who are constantly late for work! Otherwise there would be absolutely no one to stop the office chaos, which the boss gave in the hope of increasing the efficiency of his subordinates. After all, he did not expect that the secret energetic would have such a side effect. Desmond, you have to find an antidote. Otherwise, your colleagues simply shoot each other. This outbreak of aggression, the developers of the drug could not assume. If this strange virus spreads outside the factory, you have to save the whole city. All employees of the company have become completely insane, we can not allow them to get out of the building.  Enjoy watching Office Uprising online in HD quality for free and without registration.
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