I'll Take Your Dead

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William lives with his daughter Gloria on his own farm, located near the bustling city. For many years, his father has worked with criminal gangs that supply human corpses to him for disposal. The hero of the film “I Will Take Your Dead Man” divides the bodies into small parts, and uses them as fertilizers for the fertile land. Gloria knows that her dad is engaged in a bloody business, and for many years used to his activities. But, she constantly see the ghosts of dead people who have taken refuge in their home. One day, an unforeseen event happens that changes the life of the butcher and his daughter. Another dead man arrived at the cutting board - suddenly comes to life. A young girl with a bullet in her stomach comes to her senses, and begs her to save ... We offer to watch the movie "I'll take your dead man (2018)" online for free in high quality. 

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