Jasper Jones

6.5 IMDb
Genres:Drama, Mystery, Thriller
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Reasonable and forever reading the motley books a person is so multifaceted that it can take the “right” side without a second thought. The main thing is that it should be “light” in his eyes, and the truth “must be” behind it. Charles is an Australian boy, who is just such an individual. He tries to help the helpless renegade, whose girl was just torn to pieces by some local “vandals”. Charles, in the district, there was a rumor that recently a suppressed and shy outcast-mulatto Jasper Johns, who found the body of his dead passion, turned to you for help recently. It's true? Yes? And what will you do? Want to help him find the real killer? Yes, are you, Charles - such an investigation will raise a large public outcry in the town. Even if you engage in such an adventure, then you need to do it quietly, otherwise “Khan”. And even in this case, not the fact that you will not meet with racism. All in your hands, create!  Enjoy watching Jasper Jones online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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