Just Before I Go

6.4 IMDb
Genres:Comedy, Drama
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Ted's life patted him so that he began to think about suicide. Before such a decision, a man had been walking for a long time, since from his very childhood he had felt what trouble was. When he was a teenager, he was constantly tormented and insulted by bullies, and the mathematics teacher loved to humiliate Ted in front of the other students. Over time, children's resentment subsided, but still an unpleasant aftertaste remained. By coincidence, at a mature age, Ted meets his offenders from childhood. As it turned out, their life was also quite difficult, because one hooligan, now a widower, and independently raising his son with Down syndrome, and keeps him for his very modest income. The mathematics teacher went crazy at all, and now he is being treated in a hospital for the mentally ill. Although, life, in fact, punished offenders Ted, but still it does not leave the thought of suicide.  Enjoy watching Just Before I Go online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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