The Wind

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Genres:Horror, Western
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At the end of the XIX century, a young married couple, married in the city church, decided to start a new life, moving to cheap land, far from civilization. The purchased desert territory for the construction of a cottage was located in the vast expanses of the Wild West. In the past, these poor places were inhabited by a large number of people, but residents for some unknown reason left the neighborhood, leaving the land to be torn apart by wolves and winds. Over time, the dilapidated huts tilted and turned into dilapidated buildings. And after a dozen years, strong winds defamed the rooftops, and the district acquired an even torn-up look. Having built a strong house, the spouse got a job in the city and began to stay there for a while, leaving his wife alone. The terrain was deserted and empty, so the woman was bored alone. But, one day, a new family settled near their dwelling. Lizzie was happy to have a girlfriend. The neighbors were in love with a married couple, and soon the newly-made friend got pregnant. But her mental state suddenly deteriorated. She began to claim that she was feeling something ominous, as if the devil himself was wandering around. Hearing the crazy thoughts of women, men gave them weapons. But, lead bullets were powerless in the face of otherworldly forces.  Enjoy watching The Wind online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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