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Creative people always know how to surprise the audience. They think outside the box, so they are different from the rest of the people. It is not enough just to have a certain talent - you still need to have charisma in order to properly present it to the public. In the movie "Bolden!" It is about such a person. The man did not wait for mercy from fate, but he achieved significant results. The character has mastered the profession of a hairdresser, although he always felt an irresistible craving for music. The first instrument acquired from the junkman was the accordion. A little later, a capable student independently masters a cornet. In small steps, the hero moved forward uncertainly. He faced many difficulties, but stubbornly moved towards the goal. In New Orleans, musical genius became the cornet-king. Like any famous person, the path to fame was not easy. Only those people do not have problems that prefer to sit still. The hero could not remain at the same level. The musician constantly improved, conquered new heights, earned a reputation and popularity with his work and talent. Inimitable Bolden left a significant mark in the history of musical art. 

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