5.1 IMDb
Genres:Drama, Horror, Thriller
Countries:Canada, Norway, USA, Australia
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Another variation on the subject of sinister cameras and cameras that kill everyone who made or got on a photo / video. In the center of the plot is a girl named Bird, working in an antique store. One day she came across an old Polaroid camera, which has been preserved in excellent condition. The girl takes a few photos of the guy working with her, and then takes the find to meet with friends. After some time, Bird suddenly finds out that her co-worker is dead. Trying to figure out the causes of the boy’s death, our heroine unexpectedly notices that the mysterious shadow that was in the photo with the dead has strangely shifted to another photo. And if this is not a photographic defect that manifests itself over time, and its assumption proves true, then this person will soon die. That's just what to do if this really happens, because in the photos taken by the sinister device, her friends are already captured. 

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