Red Joan

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Genres:Biography, Drama, Romance
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When in the spring of 1912 a girl was born in the family of emigrants from Latvia, no one knew what exactly she was destined to prevent the Third World War. The heroine of the dramatic thriller "Code" Red "" has absorbed the communist ideologies of the father, for whom they were a real shrine. The girl became a volunteer KGB agent and for more than forty years engaged in espionage. Young British beauty gets a job in a corporation, which is associated with nuclear development. She had access to all the important documents that were immediately available to the Soviet Union. Thanks to this secret data, the state could not only catch up with competitors, but also become one of the strongest. The woman successfully passed the intelligence and recruited new employees. Her discipline and responsible approach to business helped accomplish numerous missions. This allowed to become the best British agent. Counterintelligence could not prove its involvement in the leakage of information. Only after the collapse of the Union did the defector from the archival department finally reveal the secret. After retirement, the lady quietly lived in a private house, grew flowers and baked cakes. Dear granny - God's dandelion struck all the neighbors.  Enjoy watching Red Joan online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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