$ 6 000 000 Budget
Genres:Comedy, Drama
Writers:, ,

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Ike Jerome has always been interested in the world of cinema, which seemed to him something mysterious and inviting. The future master from childhood dreamed of becoming an actor, but everything is not going according to his plans. Because of his parents, he has to go to an architectural university. But soon the guy quits school and leaves for Los Angeles for happiness and good luck. Ike is an incredibly modest and reticent person, so many of the guy’s surroundings take him for a person with mental disabilities. Arriving in the city of dreams, the young man goes to the screen tests. In this craft, unfortunately, he is failing a lot because of strange behavior. Not wanting to leave the industry of interest, the Man gets a costume designer. After a while, the hero manages to become a picture editor, which becomes for him an essential step forward. Once behind the scenes of the movie, he learns a lot of very interesting things. It turns out that the real world of cinema is different from his ideas. Here reigns debauchery, alcoholism, unbridled habits, drug addiction and promiscuous sex. Ike is ready to stop noticing this madness. For the sake of the great goal that drives him from birth, one can make many sacrifices. Other films: DrivenScary Stories to Tell in the DarkIn Fabric. Enjoy watching Zeroville online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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