6.6 IMDb
Genres:Biography, Drama, Thriller
Countries:Puerto Rico, UK, USA

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John DeLoran was one of the most prominent entrepreneurs of the twentieth century. The man was born in Detroit, where he began his way in his father's garage, helping him to disassemble and assemble cars. The guy dreamed that once he had the very "car for a million", which will change his life in a fundamental way. The boy's father worked at the Ford plant, and his passion for technology and technical gadgets passed on to his son, who was fond of mechanisms and various devices from childhood. Years later, the future rich man realized that he had nowhere to go without higher education, and he entered mechanical engineering. After graduating from the magistracy, he made a dizzying career and created many inventions. But soon, John moves away from his life's business and goes into politics, which has always been associated with business, alcohol and drugs. John could easily get the presidency of the most important machine manufacturing company. However, due to unbridled behavior, love of alcohol, women, scandalous stories, they did not allow him to take the desired place. Offended by the whole world, John decided to create the fastest car that would sell around the world in hundreds of thousands of copies. Other films: Lighting Dindin, Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkIn Fabric. Enjoy watching Driven online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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