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How many have thought about what is happening in the world of insects? It turns out that they have everything like people! They are friends, fall in love, go to visit and even travel. The cartoon introduces us to a cheerful firefly named Dindin living in a large clearing. Dindin has a best friend - Mr. Du, the Hercules beetle, with whom they often do interesting things. Often their fun turns into big trouble, but the friends do not give up. Once comrades decide to find the source of the brightest light in the world. However, the heroes still do not suspect that the search in a very short time will lead them to the most real difficulties and trials. The fact is that the evil hamster nicknamed the Wolf King began a cruel and merciless hunt. And, it would seem, the guys end, but they are saved in time by a squad of small bugs. It turns out that these bugs are very brave creatures, ready to come to the aid of everyone who is in a difficult position. And the robot named Aurora dominates the bugs. Together, the guys decide to go in search of a light source together. In the future, many dangers still await them, but the brave men are ready to create all feats for the sake of helping their fellow tribesmen and searching for a mysterious artifact. Other films: Scary Stories to Tell in the DarkIn Fabric47 Meters Down: Uncaged. Enjoy watching Lighting Dindin online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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