Drunk Parents

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The plot of the comedy tells about the couple - Frank and Nancy Tigartenah. It seems from the outside that this is a successful, wealthy and respected family, for which there are no financial problems. In fact, both suffer from alcohol addiction, and the family budget has long been covered with huge holes, under threat of collapse. True, the heroes are not going to tell friends about their troubles, even to their own daughter, considering it a shame. They need to stay afloat by any means in order to pay for a girl’s study at a prestigious university, otherwise she will be immediately expelled. For the sake of this noble mission, the spouses go on all sorts of machinations, while not forgetting to attach to the bottle. For example, they rent a luxurious neighbor's mansion, after selling off all their furniture. However, the money is still not enough, and after another drinking bout their heads are visited by a dangerous, adventurous idea - to kidnap someone else's child for the purpose of ransom. Other films: Someone GreatRupert, Rupert & RupertApollo 11. Enjoy watching Drunk Parents online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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