Someone Great

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Genres:Comedy, Romance
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Music critic Jenny received an offer: to move to San Francisco, filled with perspectives, to become the author of a non-professional magazine. She broke up with a man after nine years together: he was bogged down with a career woman in another city. According to the traitor, the relationship on Skype - is also not an option. But pathetically promised: "We are together forever." Surviving the gap, the journalist from the movie “Someone is Cool” gets drunk hard and, nostalgically, remembers how she talked abruptly, had sex, had fun with the former. Sobbing, reviewing their intimate correspondence in assorted instant messengers. Abandoned calls girlfriends. One - bisexual African American, who loves to use drugs, make trouble, send. The other is a calmer girl. Three friends decide fiercely to come off, to correct the emotional state of a career woman. The last night of a journalist in New York will be remembered by heroines by throwing acid, sea alcohol, smoking marijuana, dancing in clubs, fashionable parties, sentimental and frank conversations. The correspondent even in such a frenzy will be hard to forget the former. For example, when she heard the balladness associated with their shared memories, she began to sob. Other films: Rupert, Rupert & RupertApollo 11Little. Enjoy watching Someone Great online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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