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Joyce sat at the door of the intensive care unit, the girl, nervous, waited for the doctor to come out and tell her only fourteen-year-old son John about saving the life. On the eve of the boy accidentally fell through the ice of frozen Lake Missouri. The child was under the ice for a long time, unable to independently get out, but he was alive and struggling with death. When the boy was found, he was in a deplorable state, because of strong hypothermia, he barely breathed, it seemed that the soul was leaving the teenage body. Resuscitation work lasted thirty minutes. The child did not regain consciousness, the doctors did their best, but they were already ready to lose hope. The mother could no longer sit quietly and wait at the door, the woman entered the ward and at the sight of her son’s lifeless body, she became hysterical. Joyce prayed to the Lord God to return her to her John, the heroine was a believer and knew that the Almighty was watching the man and helping in difficult life moments when doctors and other hopes of salvation were powerless. During the next prayer, the woman noticed a slight gesture of her son, it was a real miracle, the child returned from the next world. Now we offer you a movie. Other films: BuyBustMia and the White LionThe Trip to Spain.  Enjoy watching Breakthrough online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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