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The plot of the Chinese animated film tells us the story of the formation of a great fighter who changed his world. Chubby Tofu has a big dream - to become a warrior of magical martial art. From childhood, he admired Master Lin Shao, who, having mastered Kung Fu perfectly, created their people from legumes and ascended to heaven. Many who followed the path of Shao-Sensei, hoping to ascend after the noble creator, went missing because of the treacherous Dark Beans who dragged the victims with them to a kingdom filled with nightmares and fears. In horror before such a fate, the inhabitants accepted some rules that completely forbade anyone to use magic and train. Disobedience is strictly punished. The secret teaching was lost and only a couple of brave souls continued their grueling trainings and kept the teacher's secrets. Despite warnings about the hardships that await the young fighters, the hero does not leave classes. Will a fat man and a lover eat to stop evil and overcome hunger? He is not so easy to believe in himself, but friends help the hero. Other films: BikesMinuscule - Mandibles from Far AwayRise of the Superheroes.

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