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The plot of the cartoon Velotochki takes us to an amazing place called Spoksvil, inhabited by living and talking bikes. This beautiful town is located in the heart of a picturesque area, surrounded by flowering forests and pristine rivers. The central character is a mountain rider named Spidy, a mischievous scum of an adversary who loves to arrange funny competitions and races with his friends. He is always ready to make a company of sports great Montana, city cruiser Pignon, and a lover of technical improvements and improvements - Gass. Their bright, tidy and environmentally friendly city was rightfully considered one of the most beautiful places on Earth, until the latest technology appeared - an internal combustion engine. Someone very rich and influential ordered the development, designed in the long term to replace the outdated structure of conventional bicycle transport, without thinking about its disastrous consequences for the ozone layer and the atmosphere. Concerned and angry people organize a social movement that opposes the introduction of a malicious invention. On the other side of the baricade are fat cats eager for profits, as well as the most famous racer of all time, Rocky Bikerson. According to the general decision, the further fate of the population and the environment should be determined by the results of the annual racing tournament, the winner of which will decide on the need for a gasoline unit in the future. The main character will have hard and stubborn training in order to end forever with a barbaric and frivolous attitude to nature, and return consent and well-being to their native lands. Other films: Minuscule - Mandibles from Far AwayRise of the SuperheroesGodzilla: King of the Monsters

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