7.3 IMDb
Genres:Comedy, Crime, Drama
Countries:Canada, USA

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The Canadian drama crime comedy will take us to Stockholm in 1973. An armed criminal who escaped from prison takes four employees of a Swedish bank hostage. The man, named Lars Nystrom, demands, in exchange for the lives of people, to release his fellow-gunnar from prison. All plans fail when the police refuse to let Lars leave with the captive workers in the car. For six days, the attacker tries to negotiate with representatives of law enforcement agencies, while not only keeping the prisoners at bay and constantly threatening, but also trying to provide them with relatively comfortable conditions. People, being in captivity for a long time, begin to feel some kind of affection and sympathy for Nystrom, which is why, after release, the robber is in every way blocked off. After that, an article about this absurd incident is published in the magazine "New Yorker", under the heading "Banking Drama", by the famous journalist Daniel Lange. With these events, a crisis begins, and the popular term "Stockholm syndrome" appears. Other films: The Secret Life of Pets 2, Le gendre de ma vieChernobyl.

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