Le gendre de ma vie

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The plot of the French comedy will tell about the successful and happy father of three daughters, who, by the way, has always dreamed of a son. Throughout his mature life, he has been surrounded by female society, mired in women's problems and needs, instead of the desired time spent in company with friends. But to his great joy, one of the girls finally begins to meet with the guy about whom any potential father-in-law is dreaming. A young boyfriend is a rich, handsome and successful professional rugby player who doesn’t like his charming darling. The best groom for her daughter cannot be wished, and they are expected to quickly find a common language, since dad is also an avid sports enthusiast. The hero devotes all his free time to communicating with his new-found friend, even making him jealous of his own daughter. However, this pleasure did not last long, as the superbug did not get on with his failed bride, and soon the relationship broke off. After a short break, the girl led to get acquainted with the parents of the bespectacled thin nerd, who works as a doctor and is completely distant from sports, as well as other typical male hobbies. Of course, the new suitor was not to the man’s liking, they are like people from different planets who have absolutely no common interests. But the right father always has the happiness of his daughter in the first place, so the heroes have a long and difficult process of getting used to and establishing communication. Other films: ChernobylLet's DanceFast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & Shaw. Enjoy watching Le gendre de ma vie online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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