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Chernobyl Season 1 - the upcoming American drama series based on real events during the 1986 Chernobyl nuclear disaster. The explosion of the fourth power unit caused a lot of casualties associated with a misunderstanding of the deadly essence of radiation. Valery Legasov - Soviet scientist and hero of the television series, who was tasked with identifying the causes of the man-made disaster. In the course of the investigation, leading a delegation of specialists, he observes the horrific facts of the blind dedication of rescuers who do not know what outcome their exploits will lead to. A huge amount of unpublished materials, cases of negligence and recklessness of the authorities, weakly representing the scale of the tragedy, and leading liquidators for slaughter, will be touched upon in the historical series, hidden by the Kremlin from the rest of the population in those years. “There was nothing sensible in Chernobyl” - a phrase from the recently released HBO mini-series trailer conveying the meaning of that chaos around the sarcophagus. The first message about the evacuation was received only after 36 hours, without notifying of the causes of the danger, in order to reduce panic among the population. The April incident at the power plant went down in history as the largest environmental accident in the history of nuclear energy. Other films: Let's DanceFast & Furious Presents: Hobbs & ShawLong Shot

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