Long Shot

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Genres:Comedy, Romance
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This family movie is about young man Fred. He often had to spend time with a nanny in childhood. The girl was a student, and she worked as a nurse. Friendship was formed between the young Fred Flarsky and the charming Charlotte Field. These were unforgettable moments in the boy's life. Unfortunately, the parents with Freddie had to move and that was the end of the relations with the girl.

Matured Flarski lives an independent life. Works as an author of articles in a small newspaper. Until a certain moment, the existence of a guy proceeded evenly, without any special incidents. After some time, Flarski has problems at work. Newspaper publishing is closed, and employees are dismissed. To get a worthy place in journalism, the author wants to write an interesting article.

There is an election campaign in the country at that time. The provision in the state becomes the main theme of the future creation of Fred. Once at a party among politicians, the guy meets his love of childhood, the former babysitter Charlotte. As it turns out later, the lady is running for president. Remembering past times, Field decides that her friend write an autobiographical article about her. From this meeting, the existence of old friends is changing dramatically.

Let's watch for free this amazing melodrama and comedy movie of 2019 in HD about incredible fortuity in life and real love. Other films: The Poison RoseCattle HillThe Golden Glove. Enjoy watching Long Shot online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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