The Poison Rose

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Earlier, a middle-aged man was a sports celebrity. Carson Phillips was a football star who has achieved significant success in this area. The representative of the stronger sex was counting on further development in sports activities, but an unexpected turn of events destroyed all his plans. Under certain circumstances, the man had to preach early with football. Sudden changes were a major blow to the person. To dull the bitterness, Phillips began to drink alcohol frequently and spends his free time playing games of chance. Taking himself in his arms, Carson decides to find some occupation. Thus, he becomes a private investigator, wanting to help women in distress. After some time, the detective is faced with the most difficult thing. He will unravel a series of terrible crimes. During the investigation, a person discovers new facts for himself. The situation changes dramatically after a man discovers that his own daughter, in some way has direct involvement in crimes. The private detective will have to quickly get the police to the child and protect her from impending danger. Other films: Cattle HillThe Golden GloveCharlie Says.  Enjoy watching The Poison Rose online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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