Cattle Hill

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Cheerful and good-natured cow, lives in the city, enjoying life. Since childhood, she dreamed of becoming a famous pop singer. For this, spent a lot of time and effort. She had everything to achieve the goal. But unfortunately, all attempts to approach the cherished dream, did not give positive results. Soon, Clara receives a letter from her father, who lives in the village. The cow has not seen a parent since birth. The mother offers the child to go to the village and bring a loved one. She also said that her dad used to be a famous musician. Thus, a cute animal leaves for a weekend to his relatives. Once on the farm, Clara was terribly upset. In fact, her father abandoned creativity long ago and is now an ordinary farmer. From the first days the cow did not like to be in a boring village. But soon, her opinions changed. As it turned out later, a greedy and cunning boar, wants to take possession of her father if he does not bake a hundred pies. On this occasion, the ladybird decides to stay in the settlement and help the native person. Visitors have friends who wish to help her. So, in the middle of the usual village, a real culinary show takes place. Other films: The Golden GloveCharlie SaysBelzebuth.  Enjoy watching Cattle Hill online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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