The Golden Glove

6.7 IMDb
Genres:Crime, Drama, Horror, Thriller
Countries:Germany, France

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From birth, a man got many flaws that did not allow him to continue to exist normally. A man of unpleasant appearance, hunched and has defects in speech. It is difficult for him to be present in a normal society, so Frinz Honk tries to be less visible. Life for him flows as if in a separate world. To brighten up his own loneliness, he constantly spends time at a local eatery, where a contingent, like him, gathers. Here he uses alcohol, sharing problems with his drinking companions. One day, Frinz starts a conversation with a lady of easy virtue. During the conversation, people agree to spend the evening together. Wanting to earn a small amount of money, a woman does not realize that this night will be fatal for her. The next day, the man managed to make contact with another night butterfly. Soon, local citizens began to notice that the people of the ancient profession, stopped visiting the institution. Suspicions appear that are directed towards Frinz. It was he who last spoke and saw with the representatives of the weaker sex. The surrounding individuals understand that a terrible thing has happened and the case requires an immediate investigation. Other films: Charlie SaysBelzebuthThe Hustle. Enjoy watching The Golden Glove online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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