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Life is almost meaningless if a person does not have faith. In the world there are a large number of religions and everyone on earth owns. From the countless choices, most people begin to doubt which God is worth believing. Where is the true truth? Despite the number and difference, all share hope for a happy and bright future. It turns out that there are individuals who have on this occasion, completely different views. Persons believe in quite the opposite, that others cause fear, bewilderment and shock. We are talking about Satanists, ready to commit any act for the sake of their own God. In a Mexican area, a group of priests denied the true Lord and went over to the side of the Devil. Having left the refuge of Christ, the sectarians came to the dark side and began to carefully prepare for the coming of the Antichrist. To make the event happen faster, the fanatics decided to make a sacrifice to the Dark Lord. Former priests went to the border of Mexico and America to accomplish the planned deeds. For the bloody rite, it took a huge number of innocent children, whose blood must clear the way of Satan. Other films: The HustleDreamlandVita & Virginia. Enjoy watching Belzebuth online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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