The Hustle

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Perhaps in the world there are special courses, graduates of which become the most real scammers. For this film, the courses are not mandatory - the girls already know very well the frauds that are necessary for true success in the sphere of aferism. They need to be constantly prepared for a variety of situations, so high heels and bright lipstick will never interfere. Predators know the moment when you need to cry in order to attract attention. When you start browsing, you will meet a cute but slightly overweight girl who deftly commands a man in a train car. He easily pays her an expensive dinner at a restaurant, and does not notice how he is deceived. Not far away, another fraudster is reading the book, who has paid attention to everything that is happening, and has decided to get acquainted with her sister on business. She decided to teach the "new" real skill, revealing many secrets and secrets, teaching manipulations with men and working on her appearance. Soon, the newcomer will have to complete the first serious task. Other films: DreamlandVita & VirginiaCapt'n Sharky. Enjoy watching The Hustle online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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