8.4 IMDb
Genres:Drama, Thriller

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The action of the film moves the viewer in the 30s of the last century. At this time, America suffers from huge droughts, because it does not rain, there is no free water, which allows watering of fields and forests. The population simply dies of hunger, unable to grow something, or feed and water their animals. In the most common American farm family, seventeen-year-old Eugene Evans grows up. The guy can not stand aside, when the sad situation occurs in his house, and the whole United States. Parents practically lost household, because huge debts were hanging over the family, which is not possible to pay off. The country is almost completely unemployed, they just have to sit and wait for what may happen next with them. That's just a young man is not ready for a poor and needy life, so he tries to find any chance to earn at least some money for parents. After watching the film “Country of Dreams” 2019 online in good quality for free, you can find out that the guy has found a way out of the situation, only it will be necessary to overcome a long way. Seeing that the state can pay fabulous money to catch a dangerous criminal, Eugene decides to go in search of her. Other films: Vita & VirginiaCapt'n SharkyAd Astra. Enjoy watching Dreamland online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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