Vita & Virginia

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The film takes the viewer into the 20s of the last century. This is Great Britain, and there is no place for something constrained and restrained in the country. Free morals come out on top, and now a woman can get out of the shadow of her husband and take any position in her native country. In previous years, men always succeeded in everything, and girls simply “worked” as house keepers. Everything changes dramatically, and this time is completely different. When you start watching, you will get to know the beautiful main characters - Virginia Woolf and Vita Sequil West, who are famous writers of their time. In London, they know all the inhabitants, the girls are constantly coming out and delight readers with new works. They are married, and everyone believes that women are really happy. Only a few are aware of the true truth, even though men try to be constantly around and to support. But, in fact, the writers are in love with each other, and they understand that these are real feelings. Love filled them completely, they were able to forget about the rules of the society in which they live. But not everyone was able to respond normally, and the surrounding people are trying to force creative individuals out of high society. They decide to stay together and not pay attention to the conversations that are constantly happening behind their backs. Other films: Capt'n SharkyAd AstraBrightburn.  Enjoy watching Vita & Virginia online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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