Capt'n Sharky

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The full-length cartoon "Captain of the Seven Seas" will acquaint the viewer with the most courageous and brave sailor, whose name is Sharkey. He is preparing to set sail for the first voyage. And although the guy is too short, he is considered one of the most formidable pirates on the water. Brave and strong man, always ready to cope with the difficulties encountered on the sea route. One day, on his ship, the captain met uninvited guests trying to escape from prying eyes and prying eyes, but were declassified. The society accepts the little boy Micky as a thief, and the girl Bonnie decided to run away from her strict father, Admiral. By such an act, the young person decided to prove that she had long been grown and can become independent and independent. Bonnie has a universal compass, which Sharkey had long wanted to find, but before this meeting nothing had been possible. And now, in order to use him, he gives the lonely girl and the frightened boy a place in his carriage. Other films: Ad AstraBrightburnTas, ko vini neredz.  Enjoy watching Capt'n Sharky online in HD quality for free and without registration.
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