Tas, ko vini neredz

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The protagonist of the Latvian thriller is the talented scientist Nicolas, who developed a lot of necessary and unique things for humanity. But the work done with great effort, the scientist did not bring great success. He decided to devote all his free time to creating artificial intelligence, the inventor is sure that he will succeed. From the completion of the work, he is only two or three steps away, but fate did not allow the scholar to complete his work. A man falls into a coma, and all doctors say that he will never return to life. The only person who believes in a real miracle is the nurse Elsa, who does not leave the patient a single step. Nicolas likes her very much, and the girl is confident that only love can save a man and return to our world. The film “What no one sees” in 2017 look online in high quality for free, and become a witness to the unimaginable, can the health worker create his plan? Elsa believes that this man is her fate, only Anna becomes a hindrance to treatment. This is an ordinary android, created by an engineer in the past. However, it is out of control, and is endowed with emotions and qualities that are specific to a person. The robot challenges the nurse, but does not know whether she can cope with things that are unusual for the machine. Other films: Nicky Larson et le parfum de CupidonRocketmanDomino.  Enjoy watching Tas, ko vini neredz online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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