Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon

6.7 IMDb
Genres:Action, Comedy, Crime

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The protagonist of the film, Nicky Larson, a detective and first-class bodyguard, decides to personally control the disclosure of the theft of flavor, which can give a person a special charm that can easily attract the opposite sex. He developed a special legend, which now adheres to and works under cover. This man was able to change his life completely, and abandon his usual conditions. His life was not bright, but now he is becoming a real playboy. A man is ready to perform any tasks, and this is helped by his professional skills. He knows how to use both weapons and fighting techniques. Many consider him a full-fledged police officer who always goes to the last and never gives up. Nick's partner - Laura Marconi, this beautiful girl will be able to help the playboy bypass all the traps of criminals, as well as save humanity. It is thanks to her attention, the superhero can take everything under control, and get out of the game winner. Other films: RocketmanDominoQueen of Hearts.  Enjoy watching Nicky Larson et le parfum de Cupidon online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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