Genres:Biography, Drama, Fantasy, Music, Musical
Countries:UK, USA
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Enjoy watching Rocketman online in HD quality for free and without registration. When a person wakes up a celebrity, he begins to undergo all sorts of tests, before getting fame and fortune. In the entire history of its existence, show business has broken quite a few talented musicians, but the situation may turn out differently. So it is with the protagonist named Reginald. The unique hearing of the genius boy was noticed as early as 4 years old. He perfectly owned the piano and could repeat any melody. While studying at the conservatory, an inexperienced singer is already showing his possibilities with a newly created group in front of a small audience, gradually becoming a professional. Elton John often surprised fans with his stage image: costumes, jewelry and unpredictable behavior. It is believed that this was due to the severity and lack of attention from his father, the military. The artist has always moved forward, his thoughts were not ordinary, and the experiments were his favorite activity. On the other hand, the grand success had negative consequences - drugs, alcohol, bisexuality. His life path was filled with almost continuous concerts, meetings with famous people, multi-million contracts and scandalous incidents. Other films: DominoQueen of HeartsPain and Glory

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