$ 7 800 000 Budget
Genres:Crime, Thriller
Countries:Denmark, France, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands

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The main events take place in the capital of Denmark, where an experienced police officer wants to avenge the death of his partner. They worked side by side for many years, but during the last dangerous task, one of the criminals fired at the detective. Now the main character is trying to find out the name of the villain to catch him. A man enthusiastically gets to work, and in this he is helped by the former beloved of the deceased, also thirsting for revenge. Soon the newly minted colleagues find out that their friend was killed by a certain man named Imran - a Muslim who is directly connected with ISIS terrorists. Contrary to the orders of the authorities, they go in search of the suspect to put him behind prison bars. Suddenly, the characters attack the trail of the attacker, but the case takes an unexpected turn. The daredevils find themselves in the epicenter of a confused game, which the spy from central intelligence is up to. The latter is trying to catch particularly dangerous gangsters, natives of Syria, who are planning a big terrorist attack in Copenhagen. With the help of Imran, an American keeps in touch with possible criminals, and a policeman can thwart all his plans. However, the man is not going to give up and enters into a violent confrontation that could cost him his life. Other films: Queen of HeartsTroll: The Tale of a TailPain and Glory.  Enjoy watching Domino online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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