Queen of Hearts

7.9 IMDb
Countries:Denmark, Sweden

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The main character, Anna, has everything that a woman can only dream about - successful work, a strong family, a beloved husband and a wonderful big house. However, not always external components can satisfy human needs. First of all, she dreams of true love, for which she is ready to make considerable sacrifices. Anna is in adulthood and has managed to achieve many heights in life. First, she has built an excellent legal career and works in the famous law firm. In addition, her marriage was happy, and she gave birth to two lovely daughters. Circumstances add up just perfectly and a woman remains to enjoy a cloudless existence. Soon the situation in the house changes dramatically after the appearance of her husband's son from a previous marriage. Family members welcome a young man. Girls make friendship with him, and his father, who has always dreamed of a boy, spends all his free time with him. The heroine tries to indulge the guy, but she often has dreams in which fantasies involving her stepson are realized. Her love is clearly not maternal, and very soon he begins to feel attracted, ending with a passionate romance. All forbidden feelings lead to undesirable consequences. Other films: Troll: The Tale of a TailPain and GloryMen in Black: International.  Enjoy watching Queen of Hearts online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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