Pain and Glory

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Once Salvador Mallo was a sought-after director, but now he has become an aged and gradually decrepit man. Unexpectedly for himself, he realizes the need to stop and look around, go back to the distant past and rethink the committed actions. On the one hand, it is too early for him to give up a successful and unforgettable pleasure career in the cinema. However, on the other hand, several subsequent meetings in the present and memories of the past make the main character doubt the choice of real priorities in life. A man accidentally meets with his dear people whom he loved: his former and only lover, dear mother, and colleagues in his work, who had previously shot unique films with him. In his presentation in the future, he is awaited by a frightening and hidden impenetrable veil of the future, where he does not find a place for the main occupation. Suddenly, the character returns to many years ago, when he, still a young man, who does not have family support and means to exist, leaves his native province. He moves to a diverse and attractive metropolis where, with enthusiasm and dedication, he begins his personal path to fame and success. The hero relives the forgotten emotions resulting from the creation of the first project, which has become a cult in a limited circle of people. Nevertheless, an elderly person has lived an eventful life, and he has something to remember. Other films: Zalim IstanbulMen in Black: InternationalLight of My Life. Enjoy watching Pain and Glory online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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