Zalim Istanbul

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Huge megacities, where crowds of workers from provincial towns flow together, and a significant part of state money is spinning, do not like weak people. In the inhabitants of the capital a little spiritual qualities. But if you do not look at the many shortcomings of big cities, they have something magical that continues to attract ordinary citizens. One day, the main character, taking three children, leaves Antalya and travels to Istanbul. They will meet with difficult trials. Faced with financial difficulties, a mother of many children embarks on a search for any income. Soon, arriving, he finds work in a rich mansion of a big businessman, which allows her to live in a separate room for servants, along with the tomboy. He owns a successful logistics company, popular throughout the country. The man who survived the loss of a sibling alone takes care of his nephew, who a couple of years ago survived a terrible catastrophe and is now confined to a wheelchair. His wife is a very jealous person. She dislikes the boy, believing that he steals all the attention of her beloved spouse. It seems to a woman that their joint child lacks paternal warmth and care. But after the appearance of the newly minted housekeeper, their lives will change dramatically. Other films: Men in Black: InternationalLight of My LifeThe Sun Is Also a Star.  Enjoy watching Zalim Istanbul online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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