Men in Black: International

Genres:Action, Comedy, Sci-Fi
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In the modern world, a person is exposed to a multitude of dangers: crimes, cataclysms in nature and various diseases. However, not everyone knows that representatives of other galaxies constantly arrive on a blue planet. Ordinary people believe that aliens do not exist, so there is no particular panic in society. In fact, humans have long been in contact with aliens who even live among us. The activity of the latter is controlled by a secret organization called “Men in Black”. It employs true professionals who can sacrifice their lives for the sake of peace. Secret agents work in every big city. In particular, the main character named Tessa, after twenty years of searching, finally finds people in black who are in New York. A clever and persistent girl achieves a goal - memories are left to her and accepted into their ranks. More recently, the leadership learns of a spy that has appeared in the institution, which by its actions threatens the whole earth. The young lady gets the codename H, and becomes the agent Em's partner. They set off on an important mission to England, but they end up visiting many places in search of a criminal. Other films: Light of My LifeThe Sun Is Also a StarVenise n'est pas en Italie. Enjoy watching Men in Black: International online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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