Light of My Life

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Once, an unknown deadly virus has swept across the planet Earth, killing almost all the female representatives. In the current unaccustomed environment, where almost only men remain, madness begins to spread among the population. A father and teenage daughter are constantly hiding from residents in nearby forests, and live in a tent away from human views. The main character takes care of the only offspring, telling fictional stories, and thus helping the girl to feel at least some kind of security. Once outside the safe haven, John has to hide his son under the boy’s clothes so that it does not attract too much attention. Every day, the character takes a risk when confronted with crazed men. Soon, the heroes are forced to hide in a dilapidated house from their pursuers, who recognize a young girl under the mask. Now he must carefully protect his own baby. The father increases his vigilance, constantly talks with his daughter on adult themes, and protects from the complete threats of a ruined world in which disorder reigns. Unlimited love and tenderness of the parent allows her to feel a little happy. Other films: The Sun Is Also a StarVenise n'est pas en ItalieA Clever Crook. Enjoy watching Light of My Life online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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