The Sun Is Also a Star

Genres:Drama, Romance

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Most recently, Natasha lived in Jamaica, and America was for her just a pipe dream. Soon her father managed to get permission to move to the United States. Together with her parents, the young lady goes to the future place of residence. The main character is confident that in the future she will have more chances to create a successful career. Once in an unfamiliar environment, the girl is looking for work, acquiring friends and slowly pouring into a new life. However, due to the well-known bureaucracy in public services, the family does not receive an extension for an existing visa. This entails further 100% deportation. To avoid a potential catastrophe, Natasha is ready to commit any act. One day, she takes a queue in front of the inspector’s office and accidentally meets Daniel, who is a member of the family that immigrated from Korea. His relatives have lived in the States for more than one century and have long acquired citizenship. New acquaintances begin to communicate with enthusiasm and the young lady suddenly shares her own experiences with the guy. Charming and romantic young man offers to solve her problem in a simple way - to marry a girl and save the situation, especially since he fell in love with her at first sight. Other films: Venise n'est pas en ItalieA Clever CrookToy Story 4. Enjoy watching The Sun Is Also a Star online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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