A Clever Crook

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After years of work in law enforcement, the experienced policeman is on the verge of a long-awaited retirement. As an operational worker, the main character lived a very eventful and memorable life. He began his career with a private guard, and over the entire period of his service, he achieved considerable success. The man put up with the thought of retirement and tried to finish the most important things, passing the remaining unsolved crimes to a young and persistent successor. The hero hopes that he left behind a significant mark, however, peace does not bring him satisfaction. He is disgusted with existence without professional activity, and he does not want to “wipe his pants”, as many old people do, sitting with a fishing rod near the reservoir. The spirit of eternal pursuit is still present in the blood of the retired commissioner, and again he wants to plunge headlong into the insane pursuit of dangerous criminals. One day, his former employees from his native department report to him about the strange abduction of an incredibly expensive painting. The unknown thief worked with incredible grace and beauty, and this fact arouses an irrepressible interest in the detective. This incident causes the hero memories from the past, and he decides to personally understand the situation. Soon he goes on the trail of a clever swindler, who is always one step ahead. Other films: Toy Story 4Escape Plan: The ExtractorsTeen Spirit.  Enjoy watching A Clever Crook online in HD quality for free and without registration.

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